Mike & Cass, Married

July 31, 2016


It is always such a treat to get to photograph my dear friends. These two lovebirds fall into that category. That “dear friends” category. Mike and Cass are not only good looking, but also they are always up to go get a drink together, and are the type of people that when they ask you whats new or how are you? They aren’t just being polite. They care deeply about one another and about all their friends.  So thankful for them. They are in it for life.

I also love that I see that quality not only in our friendship but in their marriage and partnership as well. They dated for a while before he popped the question, but because of that they got to experience each other at their brightest and their darkest. It’s easy to say I love you to someone whom you only see the best of. It is when you experience them at their lowest that true love happens. Love where you extend and receive grace. Love where at the end of the day you say I may not like you but I love you. That kind of love lasts, and I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of their gorgeous wedding day and that I get to be a part of their lives.

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Venue: The Paseo

Second Shooter: Katrina Amburgey

Makeup: Erica Grimwood

Florals: The Petal Theory





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