Jake and Allison, Married

July 30, 2016


There are some things I am very certain of. I hate pickles. I love sleeping in on Sundays. What would you say if someone said whats that FOR SURE thing you know?I I am not sure there is anything more beautiful than being married on a gorgeous vineyard surrounded by weeping willows on a beautiful day in June. After you see these images, I am sure that you will agree!

Congrats to a very wonderful couple, Jake and Allie. It was such a pleasure getting to be by your side on  your wedding day, I am so grateful for your kind words and how you love one another.

Special shout out to Morgan McLane for her wonderful addition in being my sidekick for the day!

I hope you enjoy these images!

Kluch Wedding-46

Kluch Wedding-81

Kluch Wedding-61


kluch wedding-102015-07-30_00022015-07-30_0003

kluch wedding-2

kluch wedding-3

kluch wedding-9

kluch wedding

kluch wedding-15


kluch wedding-8

Kluch Wedding-382015-07-30_0004

Kluch Wedding-282

kluch wedding-17

kluch wedding-18

kluch wedding-20

Kluch Wedding-26

kluch wedding-12

kluch wedding-11

Kluch Wedding-23

kluch wedding-21Kluch Wedding-694

Kluch Wedding-28

Kluch Wedding-24

Kluch Wedding-27

Kluch Wedding-29

kluch wedding-5


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